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MAG Group

MAG Group is one of the region’s largest corporate entities that started out in 1978 from humble beginnings to become a major business conglomerate with an extensive overseas reach. In the space of less than 40 years, entrepreneur and MAG Group founder, Moafaq Al Gaddah, has grown his holdings from a single spare parts trading concern in Abu Dhabi into an international empire of around 50 companies, covering the sectors of manufacturing, auto parts, real estate, education, contracting, hospitality, freight, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, the marine industry and logistics. There are now MAG offices across the Middle East, GCC, China, Turkey, Iraq and the USA, employing over 2,000 personnel. MAG Group’s spectacular level of growth and success in under four decades has been attributed in part to the organisation’s incredibly high ethical standards. Throughout its expansion and movement into new industry sectors, MAG Group has developed an enviable reputation for integrity, transparency and financial probity in all its operations.