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Azizi Group

Azizi Group has grown steadily since its inception in 1989 to establish an impeccable reputation for being a highly competitive and competent player in the global business circuit. With a well-established presence in the Middle East and the emerging markets, Azizi Group has expanded substantially to present itself as a respected and trustworthy partner whether for the end consumers or for those seeking a business alliance.

Azizi Group has a dynamic set of portfolio with a strong presence in banking & finance, oil & gas, tourism & hospitality, real estate developments & constructions, trading and charity works in the Middle East. The Group has been actively involved in various development of Afghanistan since 2002 with an investment of over USD 1 Billion Dollars.

 Relentless in its pursuit of excellence, Azizi Group seeks to empower its employees through training, collaborative dialogue, innovation and community engagement as the pillars of its long term vision and strategy. Its stringent code of ethics ensures that transparency is maintained at all levels besides a strong sense of responsibility and sensitivity towards all stakeholders.

 Azizi Investments, a business arm of Azizi Group has invested more than USD 300 Million Dollar in United Arab Emirates real estate and hospitality sector land bank. The company has planned to invest another USD 500 Million Dollar in residential and hospitality sector development by 2020. The real estate investments arm through its sister concern “Azizi Developments” will deliver more than 3500 residential units in the emirate of Dubai by 2020. Plans are afoot to showcase the group’s formal foray into the hospitality sector, now in its planning stage of developing 5 star luxury hotel chain and hotel apartments that will be located in two iconic areas of cosmopolitan city of Dubai: Healthcare City and Palm Jumeirah. The company has its long term objective to achieve up to 4% of the vibrant UAE hospitality sector market share by having more than 1000 room keys by year 2020