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Tiger Group

Tiger Contracting Company (L.L.C) is one of the largest development and construction companies in the UAE and operates from Sharjah and Dubai. Tiger Contracting was founded in 1976 by H.H. Sheikh Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Qassimi and Eng. Waleed Mohammad.

The company has been classified as one of the top in the construction sector in the region and has been providing distinct and continuous services for the past thirty two years; almost 200 projects have been delivered or are in process of getting delivered. The company has always partnered with the best consultants in the region to ensure best results are delivered to clients. T.C.C is staffed with talented & experienced professional multidisciplinary staff that is constantly providing expertise and knowledge; they are an integral part of T.C.C's success and achievements.

T.C.C portfolio proudly boasts the development of over 69 Million Sq. Ft. of Built-up-Area (BUA), 10 Million sq. ft of Land Area and has delivered 23,000 Office Units.